Why Use Facebook Advertising – Social Media Marketing 101

Here is why Facebook ads are better than old school/traditionalist methods of advertising: 1. Everyone is on Facebook. Okay, not everyone, but over 80 percent of people are, and on average, 50 minutes are spent each day on Facebook/Instagram per person. It is quickly becoming the medium of information for the entire world, so it […]

Why Your Business Needs SEO – Search Engine Optimization 101


For readers who are unfamiliar, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process used by businesses to rank their website higher on Google to generate traffic to their website. It is the single most valuable marketing tool for businesses, and here’s why: 1. It is WARM traffic. Warm traffic is when the users […]

How to Create Engaging Content – Social Media Marketing 101

If you’re going to spend money on an advertisement, it should be engaging so that your advertising dollars will stretch into viral marketing (Read more on Viral marketing and how it works). So how do you know if your advertising is engaging? Just follow these 3 rules when creating your ad: 1. Eye catching. The […]

How to Create Viral Content – Social Media Marketing 101

Viral social media marketing is when posts are created with the intent of being shared by a lot of users. When a post is shared, it is relayed on to the sharer’s friends, and when this happens enough times, a large network of people will see the content. It can be very effective, because it […]

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