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Paid Reach is when an ad is shown to a viewer because it was paid to be shown to them. Organic reach is when a post is shown to a viewer because a friend liked/shared the post. Organic reach is more powerful than paid reach because:

1. Credibility. If your brand or content is liked by a friend, you are more likely to consider it a credible source. Think: you’re more likely to buy something if friends like it, than if a salesman is selling to you.

2. It’s free. Organic reach is free reach, so that is why it is important to have engaging content, so you can stretch your advertising budget.

The thing is, creating engaging posts can be difficult, and acquiring the initial audience to display your engaging content to. This is where paid reach is necessary. You can pay to reach your audience, and if the post is engaging enough, it will be shared and grow organically. Often times a post can get 150% of the reach you paid for.

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