Why Your Business Needs SEO – Search Engine Optimization 101


For readers who are unfamiliar, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process used by businesses to rank their website higher on Google to generate traffic to their website. It is the single most valuable marketing tool for businesses, and here’s why:

1. It is WARM traffic. Warm traffic is when the users browsing your site are actually interested in the product you’re providing. SEO out performs advertising methods in sales because the audience you’re broadcasting to is actually looking for your product. For example, a billboard will show a single image/message to thousands of people, most of which aren’t in the market for your product and may never be. However, every user who is searching “used cars” is in the market to buy/sell a used car. The perfect customer to sell to is one already wanting to buy your product.

2. There’s a lot of traffic. Granbury is a small town, so you might not realize there are hundreds and sometimes thousands of searches each month, looking for specific products/services. For example, the total searches per month relating to car sales in Granbury is: 1200.

3. Ranking higher means more traffic. Statistics show on average the site at the top of Google search will receive 32.5% of traffic, second result receives 17.6% of traffic, third 11.4%, and fourth gets 8.1%. For our car dealership example, the traffic resulting from the rankings are: 390 for spot 1, 211 for spot 2, 137 for spot 3, and 97.2 for spot 4 – per month. Even ranking in the fourth spot can generate dozens of sales per month, which is why businesses are competing so much for the top spots.

With the internet being the source of information in today’s age, ranking on Google is absolutely critical for any business striving to be successful. The first order of business in any marketing strategy should be ranking higher on Google.

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