Why Digital Marketing is essential for local businesses


Local Businesses are switching over to a Digital Marketing Agency. Four billion people use Google to perform a local search for services.

Nowadays modern marketing happens online on the internet. Nearly eighty percent of all searches world-wide are performed on the Google search engine. With four billion people  using the internet to search for local businesses, you cannot afford NOT to be ‘in the loop’. Most potential clients find what they are looking for by doing a quick local search online. The first local businesses that they notice on Google are the first ones’ that they are going to click on. Clicks turn into conversions – Make sure it’s your brand!

Employing a Digital Marketing Agency

Online marketing is time-consuming therefore the majority of business owners sensibly elect to employ a digital marketing agency to optimize their websites and to plan and execute dynamic strategies. This leaves owners and staff with the time to grow and develop their local businesses while experts handle the SEO, audience targeting, graphics and social media ads.

Local Searches bring clients to your door

Statistics prove that moving your advertising from billboards and flyers made by a printing company to a digital marketing agency will increase your audience reach. That’s because most people (and you can easily check this out for yourself with friends and family) immediately reach for their phone or laptop when they are looking for a location or service. So basically your clients are searching for you and not the other way around. Brilliant.

It’s also shown that seventy-two percent of consumers who do a local search on their mobile phones or on other handy devices, will engage with a store in a five-mile radius of where they work or live.

All local businesses, be they big or small, need a working website for credibility in 2019. But when potential customers are searching for your particular service or product, you will need to  get seen on the first page of Google. Read more here to find out why GOOGLE ranking is important…

Getting ranked first on Google

Being seen first on Google is the crux of search-engine optimization (SEO). Once you’ve got awesome content for your business website, the next step is to get that amazing advert or blog-post up onto the first page of the Google search-engine. This is where your digital marketing agency will help you to be on top. Marketing professionals can create a campaign that will attract the right clients when they do a local search for your services.

Google has a strategy called Pay-per-Click (PPC). This means that decisive keywords are carefully chosen by the digital marketing agency campaign manager to use that will match customers searching for services to local businesses.

A Google Adwords campaign can run for one day or a week or a year and you decide on your budget. Your agency will ensure that your ads are ranked highly on Google and that you get clicks and conversions according to your monthly marketing allowance.

Be one of the local businesses succeeding in 2019 with great SEO digital marketing.

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