How to get more customers for your business

It's always the right time to think about growing your business. If you're looking to boost sales, try these tips for how to get more customers.
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Happy Independence Day! You grilled and chilled, soaked up some sun, and maybe you even spent the week running holiday deals for a big influx of business. But it’s about to be back to business as usual, which makes now the perfect time to ask how to get more customers for your local business.

Whether your holiday gimmicks were a hit and you want to keep their attention, or sales weren’t as big as projected and you’re looking to make it up with a boost, it’s always the right time to work on reaching new customers. The first step to earning a new customer is getting their attention. Visibility is key to drumming up new business, so here are a few tips for growing your business post-holiday and beyond:

The first step to earning a new customer is getting their attention.

1  |  Increase your website visibility

We can’t understate the value of an efficient website optimized to attract customers. If you don’t have a website, it’s time to start looking. We’ve shared tips before on how to choose a digital marketing agency as well as comparisons between single page vs multipage websites to help you in your search. But if you have a current website and aren’t seeing a big return on web traffic or conversions, here are a few questions to consider:

Is my website user-friendly?

The goal of any website is to make it simple for your customer to find the info they seek. If your site looks nice but crams all your information into one long page, your customers aren’t likely to waste time sorting through it. Consider how you can carry the aesthetics across multiple pages to make your info more accessible.

Alternatively, if your info is well spread out but your design is confusing, people will leave just as quickly. Consider how you can simplify your color scheme or reduce the amount of graphics so people can focus on your information without distraction. Aim for a clean, user-friendly site with clear-cut information.

Is my site optimized for search engines to find it?

This is an area where your business can benefit from hiring an SEO service. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes of any successful website, and Search Engine Optimization is a big part of how to get more customers to visit. If SEO is a new term to you, consider researching how to optimize your website. You can read more about the details of how SEO works here.

Am I running online ads for my business?

In addition to SEO, online ads are another great way to drive traffic. Use online advertising to target your audience and get the most for your money . This can get pretty technical, but typically your best platforms are GoogleAds and Facebook Ads. They both allow you to narrow your reach, which ensures your ads reach people likely to buy from you. Pricing works a little different for web ads. Read about how Pay-Per-Click ads work here. And consider redirecting some marketing dollars to online advertising over print.

2 | Increase your Social Media Presence

You may think of Facebook and other social platforms as personal outlets. But they can actually boost visibility for your business and help more customers find you. We recommend having a Facebook page at minimum so customers can engage with you. This also means you’ll reach a guaranteed audience for anything you post. And the best part: it’s completely free for you.

Social media also lets you capitalize on the popularity of hashtags. If you’re smart about when and what you post, you can ensure your content reaches thousands of viewers simply by including relevant, trending hashtags. Read more about the benefits of social media marketing and hashtag use here.

3 | Consider a brand refresh

If you’re struggling to get more customers, your issue may not be visibility-related at all. Maybe people find you just fine, but they aren’t sold on what they see. If your brand hasn’t aged well or isn’t designed to its fullest potential, it might be time to rebrand. Maybe you’re a new business and don’t have a brand or logo, in which case this may be your next step. If you aren’t sold on the importance of having a logo or a recognizable look, we recommend reading up on why branding your business matters.

Whether you need to build a brand from the ground up, or just update your established look, we highly recommend consulting with qualified graphic designers. Their whole industry is built around understanding what customers appreciate. A good designer or agency will tailor their design to your audience to give you the best results. You’re sure to see more customer engagement with a polished brand.

But if in doubt…

You can always talk to the pros. If you’re really looking to get more customers for your business, you don’t have to get bogged down in the details. Hiring a marketing company to handle the minutiae could be your best option, and it’s always worth a phone call to consult. 

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