Logo anatomy: What do you call the parts of a logo?

Different parts of a logo


Whether you’re a designer pitching to clients or an owner working with your creative team, it helps to know how to talk concisely about what you need. We’ve had our share of lingo barriers to overcome and we’ve got our definitions down, so here’s a brief rundown on logo anatomy and what to call each part of a logo:

Here’s a brief rundown on logo anatomy and what to call each part of a logo.

Logo Lockup

This is the formal configuration of your company’s logo. It sets the standard of how your logo should be displayed in print and visual mediums, and it helps establish a consistent brand image. Many companies have several approved lockups to allow for different uses and space constraints, and not all lockups have to include every part of the logo as long as your brand allows for variation.


This is typically a small symbolic image that represents your company. Most companies aim for simple and iconic images that can be separated from the company name and still be recognizable. You’ll often see symbols like the McDonald’s M and Nike’s Swoosh mark stand alone once a company becomes a household name. 


This is the name of your business, stylized into a unique image. It’s important to choose a letter style that complements the vibe of your business and relates back to your symbol. If the styles clash, or your name isn’t legible, it can actively work against your name recognition among customers. 


Not all companies have a tagline, but for most, it’s an essential part of rounding out their brand identity. Famous taglines like “Have it Your Way,” “I’m Lovin’ it,” “Just Do It,” make an important statement to customers, and they should be incorporated into your visual brand as thoughtfully as any other element.

Clear Space

Most brands establish a margin of space to include around their logos at all times. This protects the aesthetic of your brand and lends greater consistency to how your logo is displayed. If you expect your logo to be used by many different sources, we recommend adding an invisible border around the logo that is sized for proper clear space. This way others can honor the boundary even if they aren’t familiar with the specifics of your brand styling.

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