Red Arrow Marketing recognized among best Fort Worth SEO companies


Nothing makes our day like some surprise recognition! We spend more time working with clients than chasing awards, but we are excited to share that we made it into the Top 30 best SEO companies in Fort Worth. Expertise.com examined over 100 companies in our area based on criteria of reputation, experience, and qualifications, then narrowed it down to the best of the best. Red Arrow Marketing not only made the top 30 cut, we also scored an A+ rating based on client reviews and overall rankings!

Here’s a deeper look at how we excel at boosting our clients’ SEO, and why having an experienced SEO company on your side makes all the difference.

Why does SEO matter to our Fort Worth clients?

Establishing a successful online presence is a bigger undertaking than most people imagine. It takes more than great website design and a clean logo—your company needs to show up at the right place and right time when people are searching for your services.

Search Engine Optimization ensures your website and services not only show up in the right searches, but that you rank as high as possible in the results. Studies show that the top 3 google results get over 75% of search traffic! So when people search for “hail repair near me,” your hail repair business can’t afford to be on page 5 of those results.

Good SEO has 3 ultimate goals:

  • Optimize the content on your website to target top keywords people search for in your industry. This helps search engines see your site as relevant when the right searches come through.
  • Optimize the structure of your website to improve user experience and site performance. Search engines prioritize user experience, so outdated or low-performing sites can tank your rankings regardless of industry.
  • Establish domain authority and increase the credibility of your website. This helps search engines determine how useful and trustworthy your website is, so they learn that users will benefit from your content.

A lot more happens behind the scenes to train search engines to recognize your business as the best option, and that’s where professional SEO services come in.

Like the finer things in life, great SEO is worth waiting for. It takes extensive time and expertise to train a military dog to perform everything required of it, plus maintenance training to ensure it doesn’t backslide—training search engines should be regarded in the same way. SEO isn’t something you set up once then lean on forever. It’s an ongoing process that creates a beneficial asset for your business (even if you can’t scratch a search engine behind the ears).

So what exactly makes us one of the best SEO companies in Fort Worth?

Bottom line, we do SEO the right way. We put in the time and effort required on the backend to actually build a foundation that lasts and reaches the customers you need. We’re a local company focused on helping other businesses grow, so we’re invested in your success as much as our own. And with our consistent team, you’ll always know who you’re dealing with and who to call with any questions or check-ins. There’s a reason we earned that A+ by Expertise’s standards!

There are so many cheap SEO options available that tout fast results and guaranteed clicks, and we end up explaining why in nearly every new client meeting—those dogs may jump through hoops, but they can also chew your shoes! The fastest SEO in link building services strategies can often be the most damaging to your long-term growth online.

At worst, Blackhat SEO companies can pull some shady tricks to get fast results. If search engines catch on to what’s happening behind the scenes, they can blacklist your site from results and hand down some heavy penalties. And at best, some cheap SEO companies will have you paying for site traffic that will never result in a single sale. If you’re guaranteed 1,000 clicks a month, but all of them are coming from people overseas with no intention to hire your Fort Worth roofing company, that’s money wasted instead of actually being put to work for your business.

Our Red Arrow Marketing team works to provide high quality, above-board SEO services that build over time to grow your business right. We’re honored to have made the top of the list in our industry, and we’d love to help you make the top of yours! Call to schedule a meeting with us and let’s talk about improving your SEO strategy.

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