Understanding landing pages and why they matter

Have you heard about landing pages? Are you curious about what these are and how they are helpful? Read on to learn the purpose of website landing pages.

In digital marketing, it’s vital to use all available tools as effectively as possible. With a website, this can mean site optimization and creating dedicated landing pages. If you’re not familiar with what a landing page is or why it’s important, it’s good that you’ve stumbled upon this post! Below, we’ll guide you about what it is and how it is helpful.

What Is A Landing Page? How is different from any other webpage?

Technically, a landing page is a point of entry into your website that people “land” on when clicking a link, such as from search results or ads. By that logic, any site page is a landing page…but that’s not entirely true, especially when it comes to digital marketing. There are several characteristics that make landing pages different–and in some ways more important–than other pages on your website.

1 | Landing pages are more focused

Unlike the homepage or other website sections, a dedicated landing page doesn’t have different links to navigate throughout the site. If it has a top menu, it may contain only a company logo and links to various portions of the same page. Your goal is to keep visitors on this page and funnel them into performing a specific action, such as buying a product or scheduling an appointment. You don’t want them to click away halfway through, so you remove that option entirely.

2 | Landing pages are action-focused and limited in links

A well-made landing page typically contains one focused prompt known as a call to action (CTA) that drives visitors to do something, such as purchase a product or service. A CTA may be any number of things such as a link you want them to click, adding something to a checkout cart, or filling out a form that asks for personal information (e.g., name, email, company) for a mailing list. Ultimately what the CTA is and how it’s presented depends on your goal for that particular landing page.

3 | Landing pages can be targeted to subsections of your audience

The great thing about landing pages is you can tailor them to the interests of different parts of your audience. Whereas the rest of your website has to have broad appeal to everyone, you can build any number of landing pages that are only accessible through targeted ads on Google or social media.

For example, if your business is roofing, and a nearby town recently had hail storms, you could set up a landing page offering special hail inspections for a limited time. You set up an ad targeting homeowners in a certain radius of that town and funnel any clicks into a dedicated landing page with a CTA focused on getting them to schedule an inspection with you. This way you know you’re reaching people who need and want your services right now, instead of relying on them to find your website organically through searches.

Are Landing Pages Effective For Lead Conversion?

Landing pages are extremely effective at conversions since they’re intentionally made to convince people to follow through on CTAs. Unlike the homepage, a landing page goes straight to the point right away.

Suppose a landing page is for promoting a new product. In that case, it will immediately introduce that product’s name, features, or current sale offer. There will be no menu bar, unrelated links, or login/signup buttons. Everything on that page describes the product and aims to entice visitors to click the CTA.

In short, a landing page is effective for lead conversion as it doesn’t distract people and stir them away from the actual products.

What Are The Benefits Of Targeted Landing Pages For Businesses?

1 | Cater to more audiences and customers

A product, service, or offer can have several landing pages called targeted landing pages. They might advertise the same thing, but they’re marketing it differently.

Marketers create targeted landing pages to cater to specific audiences or demographics. It’s about changing the content (e.g., colors, word choices, references) so a particular person can better relate to it or show more interest.

2 | Learn what works and what doesn’t

Having landing pages is a good way to know what marketing methods and materials work and what don’t. By tracking retention and CTA clicks in landing pages and successful lead conversions, one can identify if a piece of advertising content is effective or not.

3 | Experiment freely with marketing materials

A great thing about landing pages is that marketers can change them without affecting the entire website. It allows experimentation on content and page design with really no risk at all. As landing pages also make it easy to identify effective advertising methods/materials, it’s good to have this kind of testing freedom.

4 | Explain an offer better

Unlike ad banners and sponsored posts, it’s easier to explain everything about a product or offer on a landing page. Ad snippets are tiny, and social networks limit content, so a fully customizable webpage is the better option.

Simply put, one can decide the length, design, and information density of a landing page. It means it’s possible to explain a product thoroughly and place the CTA link in the best location.

5 | Grow the email list

In exchange for free products like ebooks or simply to join a newsletter, one can ask visitors for their email addresses on the landing page. And remember the customizability of landing pages to cater to more audiences? It’s also a factor that will help convince a person to provide the email address.

What Makes A Good Landing Page?

A good landing page explains a product or offer well, retains attention, and convinces visitors to click the CTA. Ideally, it should make the product/offer as the headline and use one CTA and repeat it in relevant parts. It must also be optimized for SEO and mobile and showcase customer ratings, reviews, or satisfaction proofs.

In a sales funnel, a landing page is typically in the center, so it’s the driver of lead conversion in the cycle. In other words, it’s a very important part of a website and a great way to succeed in digital marketing.

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