3 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Local Marketing Company


Every company wants to grow its consumer base and increase its market size. However, in most cases, this is easier said than done. As you seek to establish your brand, you’ll have to face off against competitive brands, limited resources, and an ever-changing market environment.

Fortunately, there are several steps you can take as a growing company to boost your business and reach the end-user of your products or services. One simple yet highly effective step is working with a marketing agency.

When you hear of marketing companies, you likely think of the few well-known brands. These brands have established themselves nationally or internationally, and their prices match their size. However, in the same sector, there are other up-and-coming marketing agencies that you can consider, and in many ways these are likely to be the best bet for medium-sized companies looking to expand their reach.

Why should you work with a local marketing agency?

Marketing is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reach your target audience. Working with a local company can help you significantly grow your brand and achieve your marketing objectives. But, should you really shun the multinational agencies for local ones?

Here are a few reasons you should consider working with a local marketing company:

  • They are easily accessible and offer customized marketing services
  • They are likely more invested in your growth and success
  • They have a better understanding of effective offline and digital marketing strategies for your area
  • They understand your services more thoroughly and can dedicate more attention to your project
  • They understand the local markets and how best to connect you to your target audience
  • They are affordable and cost-effective compared to multinational brands

How to find the right local marketing company

With the abovementioned benefits, it’s clear to see why most local and growing companies opt for local marketing agencies. But, there’s a high chance there are more than a couple of marketing companies in your region.

How exactly do you go about choosing the right fit for your organization? Below are a few factors you should consider when choosing a local marketing company to work with.

Do they have a portfolio of other local companies?

A great way to identify the best marketing agency for you is by looking at their portfolio. This basically shows you the quality of their previous work and what you can expect when you work with them.

However, don’t just briefly look at their portfolio; check to see if they have worked with any local brands. This will paint a clearer picture of the marketer’s ability in your locality

In addition, you can always reach out to their local brands to learn more about their experience with the marketer. Some marketing companies will invent projects to pad their portfolio, which is fine for showcasing ability, but not a good measure of how they work with meeting real client expectations. It’s always worth checking out whether their clients actually exist in the area they claim to work in.

Do they know where to channel your resources?

As mentioned, growing companies often deal with limited resources. You’ll need to stretch each dollar before you can grow and expand your marketing budget. When looking for the right local marketing agency, you want someone who’ll direct your resources in the most productive and feasible avenues.

You want a company that will help you with logical and practical advertising methods with a clear return on investment. Often companies are dead set on growing their following on social media or producing a lot of print materials to canvas the town, but that’s not the best solution for every company (or even most of them!). Look for marketing agencies who are experienced in many types of advertising, who will listen to your goals and offer solutions that get the best results for your money.

Do they have a niche area of marketing expertise?

One of the benefits highlighted above is a local agency is they may have a better understanding of what your business does. However, this may not always be a given. This is especially true if you’re in a specific sector yourself.

Ideally, you want a marketing company that understands what you do and who your consumer is. This way, you’re sure they will use the right channels to reach your target audience. But finding a marketer catering specifically to your industry may not be in the cards.

As a solution, look for companies that work with a wide range of clients and industries rather than finding a specialist adjacent to your business. Marketing agencies who have proven they can adapt to many different industries are more likely to get results for your specific needs.

Choose local marketing for best results

Ultimately, you stand a greater chance of growing your business when you’re working with a local marketing company. The next time you are searching for a marketing agency, use the tips above to guide you to the best marketing company near you!

If you’re looking for marketing services in or near Fort Worth, TX, consider scheduling a marketing meeting with our team at Red Arrow Marketing. We work with businesses large and small in all industries, with custom service options to suit your company’s priorities.

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