What to look for in a new company logo

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A logo is much more than a simple graphic. Your logo is a calling card, a first look at what your company is all about, and it should help you make a good impression. Having a remarkable logo is essential if you want to make a lasting impact on a customer and stand out from the competition, so here’s what to look for in a new company logo design.


The finest branding is traditional and enduring. A strong logo should be able to endure for years without appearing dated or requiring a refresh, so the right choice will often be clean and readable with only the necessary elements.

That doesn’t mean you have to have a boring or basic logo! But avoid combining too many ideas or styles into one brand. Customers should be able to see your appeal right off the bat, and if they’re stuck questioning what a word says or what your logo means, you won’t make a positive impression.


Another essential quality of a strong logo is that it stands out at first glance. A logo should establish a connection with customers and spark interest in the brand. Customers are more inclined to associate your symbol and brand with the business if they can quickly recall it. Easy-to-remember designs that make a big impression are valuable since they help people remember your business.


The concept of scalability is crucial when creating a logo. The logo must be readable in all sizes since you will likely add it to a variety of promotional materials like social media postings, posters, business cards, and even uniforms or merch.

Scalability, or how a logo design changes or adapts at various sizes and angles, is equally crucial as responsiveness in logo design. On that point, some companies even have their logos animated, so keep in mind where you plan to use your logo and what you might need it to do now and in the future.

Put Your Niche First

Make a concept that resonates with the company’s target audience first. For business owners, it’s a common mistake to want to load up your logo with personal significance or appeal. But your logo is the first point of contact with potential customers, and it should tell them what to expect from a business experience with your company, not about your personal aesthetic. Approach logo design from a mindset of bridging the gap between what you offer and what your customers want.

Consider novel ideas

Your final logo should be recognizable and connected to your company’s values and aesthetics. Be creative and adopt new ways of thinking until you can produce something novel. Design something genuinely innovative by experimenting with various styles, including negative space. Consider using the features above in the logo design or creating a story.


The greatest logos differentiate themselves from others because they continue to be useful and powerful throughout time. While it can be tempting to include the latest design fads and trends in your logo design, it’s not always a good idea.

It’s also crucial to note that classic logos avoid gradients and expansive color schemes in favor of simple pallets that can be consistently reproduced in print. Gradients have reemerged as a trend in current designs for web use, but most printers still struggle to reproduce that in the real world. Just because it looks good on screen doesn’t mean it works in print, so choose a new logo that can remain consistent across all media.  

Timeless logos prioritize quality over quantity, eliminating numerous superfluous details and wacky concepts in favor of what works. Always find the most efficient way to communicate your brand’s essential beliefs and values without adding extraneous noise.

More about logo design

Advertising and branding efforts take time to develop. The considerations above are crucial when designing a logo that strengthens your brand’s brand style and helps you manage a profitable company. A well-designed logo has the power to increase revenue (indirectly), boost client retention rates, and build credibility for your company. By putting these fundamental suggestions into practice, you’ll be able to design a fantastic logo that helps your brand thrive. To see some of our latest work, check out our logo design portfolio.

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