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The Project

This partnership began when ReCircled was just starting up. With a strong vision of bringing effective sustainability initiatives to the fashion industry, they have always had the drive and plan to take off in a big way. They turned to us for professional graphic and concepting support for use in pitches to top brands from Target to Puma and beyond.


We translated their vision and data into engaging graphics and pitchdecks. We illustrated their process to quickly communicate complex systems clearly. We also provided design for their homebase on the web. With our support, they’ve landed partnerships with major national and international brands who share their commitment to sustainability and building a brighter future.

We’ve since worked directly with their partners’ marketing teams to bring UI/UX concepts to life and support the takeback systems that will allow brands and consumers to recycle fashion waste effectively. 

Custom Pitch Graphics & Infographics

ReCircled had big ideas that needed to be communicated quickly and clearly. They came to us because we excel at translating concepts and data into exciting visuals that support brand goals. We helped create the consistent visual language that all of ReCircled’s graphics share, so new partners can easily grasp what they’re about and feel confident in their organization.

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