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This company has extensive expertise in helping condo communities navigate regulations and approval processes. They make it possible for communities to accept broader financing options, expanding the pool of residents and increasing the value of their assets.  

They needed update their website to be cleaner and easier to navigate. They have a lot to offer, but didn’t want to overwhelm visitors or make it harder to find what they need.


We cleaned up their pages and consolidated the copy they provided. We put things in simple terms and avoided sticking in walls of text. Instead, we developed multiple types of sections that broke up the visuals on each page, while providing the same access to information.

By making the page layouts cleaner, breaking up the ways users interact with the information, and making their content easier to read and understand, we helped them increase the amount of time users stay on their site. We also increased their number of leads to conversions, with a net increase in calls and contact forms since their new site went live. 

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