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Garrain Jones has lived an extraordinary life of revelation and self-discovery. He shares his wisdom and guidance with others as a life coach, helping people unlock their potential and transform their inner beliefs of “I can’t” into “I can do anything.”

Between his coaching offers and multiple types of in-person speaking events and retreats throughout the year, Garrain’s previous website was not up to changing as flexibly as required to showcase the Artist Power schedule. Garrain’s team brought his previous website to us in order to build something that could evolve with him on the same level.


We built a more flexible site around his current branding and offerings, allowing for easily swappable events whenever new and exciting offers come up. We streamlined his program offerings and integrated their existing clickfunnels pages to make navigation easier and allow their team to update offer pages as needed. And we cleaned up site navigation so their marketing funnels flowed more smoothly to where users wanted to be. 

Now Garrain’s events are featured front and center every time, and their overall metrics for clickthrough and bounce rates have vastly improved.

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