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The Project

Voy’s Workshop is headed by Levi Wilks as a manufacturer of fine, American-made merry-go-rounds. Levi carries on the legacy of play left by his great-grandfather, Voy Wilks, who designed the original metal merry-go-rounds they build today.

They needed a brand that spoke to their proud history and 


We researched the history and meaning of the traditional Awen symbol, and incorporated the elements into a unique logo that embodies the individual’s journey to self-integration. The dots (the self) may be moving down or up through the waves of adversity, but there is always a journey in progress. The semi-colon signals intent to carry on and build on what came before. 

Initial V


Initial W




Custom Tradeshow Setups

We designed and sourced large-format prints for custom tradeshow banners, feather flags, and table covers. Having a consistent brand presence makes a company memorable!

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