How To Get Your Business To Show Up on Google Maps

You know that having a website is key to running a successful business. It’s true! But did you know that your website needs to be listed in Google as well? Every business should have its own Google My Business listing (or GMB) to show up on Google Maps. Create a Google My Business account If […]

How to secure your website: The importance of SSL

Above all, a website should safeguard user privacy and information from hackers and viruses. This is especially true for any website collecting user data such as phone numbers and addresses, and it’s legally required for any site collecting payments. But a website also needs to rank well on the first search engine results page, otherwise, […]

How to start marketing your new business

The challenge that any new business faces is how to attract steady customers and consistent sales. However, with the right technique and market growth strategy, a new business can find its footing, attract customers, and thrive. While it is worthwhile to spend some ad dollars on print ads to spread awareness—perhaps by advertising in local […]

What kinds of companies need social media?

Social media marketing is among the most effective ways for brands to reach out to current and potential customers worldwide. According to data collected in July 2021, social media is used by 4.48 billion individuals worldwide. That represents around 57 % of the world’s population. With roughly 2.853 million members, Facebook is the biggest social […]

What to look for in a new company logo

A collection of company logos

A logo is much more than a simple graphic. Your logo is a calling card, a first look at what your company is all about, and it should help you make a good impression. Having a remarkable logo is essential if you want to make a lasting impact on a customer and stand out from […]

How to reach more customers with less money

Did you know businesses that want to grow should spend from 5% to 12% of their revenue on advertising? Most businesses recognize they have to advertise to reach customers, but where so many slip up is funneling money into the wrong marketing formats for their goals. If you want to maximize your return on investment […]

How QR Codes can Revolutionize Your Marketing Efforts

Technology grows exponentially. In the field of marketing, we must constantly adapt to new tools and techniques to stay effective. So when someone brings up the scannable QR code, that familiar black and white pixelated square invented nearly 3 decades ago, it’s easy to think it’s old news. However, the QR code is a rare […]

3 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Local Marketing Company

Every company wants to grow its consumer base and increase its market size. However, in most cases, this is easier said than done. As you seek to establish your brand, you’ll have to face off against competitive brands, limited resources, and an ever-changing market environment. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take as a […]

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