Logo Design services for new & established businesses.

Our design team has a passion for creating timeless logos that represent your company's purpose and values. Whether you're looking for a first-time logo or rebranding your existing look, we will work with you on a personal level to understand your business and clients and deliver a clean, professional logo that will last you for years to come.

Featured logo design & branding projects







Qualified Tree Care | Efficient, Professional, and Confident.

Qualified Tree Care started out as a simple lawn care page on Facebook. As they expanded their team and services, they needed a unifying look to show clients they were the real deal. 

We delivered this clean, industrious logo to represent their industry and work ethic, ideal for using on team hats and shirts to present a unified workforce to their clients.





Data Packet


Platinum Communication Company | Friendly, Tidy, and Modern.

Platinum Communication Company was behind the times with their previous branding. For a company focused on connecting people through cable and DirecTV satellite hookups, they needed a look that would fit in with modern TV and tech services.

We delivered this friendly, modern logo with an emphasis on data cables to highlight their expertise in their field.







Scott Kunkle, CPA | Professional, Trustworthy, and Expeditious.

Scott Kunkle and team provide CPA services to individuals and businesses alike. They’re experts in finding all the exemptions owed to their clients and keeping the whole process quick and organized, but they lacked a unifying logo to build their brand and website around.

We delivered this streamlined logo with elements of speed and boldness contained within a tidy block and reserved color scheme, so their clients can trust their taxes will be in capable hands. 








At Your Door | Soft, Relaxed, and Comforting.

At Your Door Massage Therapy is a one-person operation providing professional massage services for over 20 years. They bring their own equipment and supplies to clients’ homes and places of business, and are especially valued by their elderly and homebound clients who now don’t have to drive to find muscle and pain relief through massage. They wanted to refine their logo into something clean and comforting to further promote their business and attract new clients.

We delivered this warm, inviting logo to communicate bringing healing hands together in the comfort of home.

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